Linville Caverns

Yesterday as I was out and about in the High Country on a beautiful spring day, I found myself wandering through the area of Pineola. I stopped for gas and saw a billboard for Linville Caverns in Marion, just a few miles down the road from the gas station, so I took off! I hadn’t been since I was about 12 (so half a lifetime ago!) and I was thrilled to find out that they allow flash photography inside the caverns, unlike some others I’ve visited. I got on the last tour of the day, and had a blast. There’s more details in the article on our sister site Blue Ridge NC Guide, which you can see HERE, and here is the full gallery of photos.

~ Cassandra

All photos and text copyright 2014 Memories by Cassandra Lea Photography, owned by Cassandra L. Hartley. Do not copy, print, or otherwise reproduce any of these copyright-marked images without my express written consent.

About Cassandra Lea

Native of Blowing Rock, NC; married to a fellow High Country native; lover of the outdoors, history, and local shopping & dining; and proud advocate of everything this area has to offer!


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  2. Pamela

    Beautiful photo’s ! I can’t wait to take a day to enjoy the other side of what these beautiful mountains have to offer! Sending this link to all of my friends! This blog is one of the best the High Country to offer!

  3. Your Blog is absolutely wonderful and customer friendly! I have lived in Watauga Co my entire life! Never been to the Caverns in Linville but now, I CAN’T Wait**** Love the photo’s which have great clarity, making me feel as if I can reach inside my computer and touch these rocks. Going to share this link with friends and family… Going to Linville Caverns This Summer. Thanks for another great place to visit in the High Country**

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